Once the situation erupted in Syria and in the crucial first ten months of the Syrian revolution, I began this body of work“Wounds”

There was a sense of urgency and necessity to express feelings about what was going on around.

Working discreetly in the beginning, the pressure influenced me to choose subjects I trusted to reenact their experiences during the revolution, but I had to leave and continue the work while in exile, where I chose to become the subject of the photographs and involve my self so completely in the physical sense.

The creative process "flowed naturally” because of the emotional investment in the statement and outcome, and the result of this process manifested itself in a series of blood-red and black silhouettes of figures in motion, I chose to express the stories through those silhouettes because this was not about individuals, but it's the experience of revolution: its process, its small failures and victories, and the victims that it claims.

It is a subject everyone can relate to, it's not about politics, religion, or the like, it's about the story of people battling in extreme bravery to reach their freedom.