The resurrection “Al Ba’ath”


This project takes on one of the Syrian Government’s most prominent symbols – The Ba’ath Newspaper – as part and parcel of the Baath Security State - to be a surface of new thoughts written by the Syrian people thus overturning the daily chronicle of government lies.

I began the project as a form of “artistic documentation" when the uprising was at the peak of it’s "civil society activism" phase and when the image and the word where it's most effective tools.

Portraying individuals who joined the uprising in different ways, some where activists on the streets and some were trying to help in many other different ways… Amongst them are activists, students, doctors, Journalists, artists, designers, actors, gallerists, film-makers and writers...

The portraits where made secretly, quickly and simply when I was still in Syria and in a more creative approach when I had the chance especially after I left the country.

These individuals were asked to write a comment on an OVERTURNED Ba’ath newspaper, summing up their visions and hopes for the revolution in Syria.