Jaber al Azmeh was born In Damascus-Syria 1973 He dedicated his career to professional photography since 1998 two years after getting his Bachelor in Fine Arts-visual communications from the University of Damascus 1996.

In 2006 he became a resident lecturer at the International University of Science & Technology in Damascus.

He held his first solo show ‘Metaphors’ in 2009 at Gallery Attasi-Damascus followed by Green Art Gallery-Dubai where he went on exhibiting his future solo shows.

He has participated in various group shows in Berlin, Paris, London, Brussels, Venice & Beirut, his work has been covered in major publications… Has been titled artist of the month by Le Monde diplomatique… And has works acquired by notable collections like Deutsche Bank, Barjeel Art collection and the Staalich museum.

Selected solo and group exhibitions


  • BORDER-LINES, Green Art Gallery, Dubai UAE


  • Imago Mundi, Venice Biennale, Italy
  • My voice rings out for Syria,  the BOX, Berlin, Germany


  • The Resurrection, Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE 
  • Despite it all they make art, Institute des Cultures d’Islam, Paris, France
  • KunstStoff Syrien, Forum Factory, Berlin, Germany  


  • Traces, Katara Art Center, Doha, Qatar 
  • Syria art 101 oeuvres pour la Syrie, Institute Du Monde Arabe, Paris, France 


  • Wounds, Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE 
  • Wounds, In collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, Brussels ,Belgium
  • Shattered Beauty, 8 Gallery, London, England


  • Traces, Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE 
  • Journées de la Photographie 2011, organized by CCF Damascus, Syria


  • Metaphors, Green Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE 
  • Metaphors, Atassi Gallery, Damascus, Syria


  • Retrospective of Fine Arts in Syria (IV), New Generation of Syrian Artists, The Factory, Damascus, Syria (part of the Damascus Arab Capital of Culture 2008 initiative)

Selected Press



  •  Artist of the month by LE MONDE diplomatique, June 2015


  • "Soulful voices from The Resurrection", Gulf News Arts, 5 June 2014


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Notable Collections:

  • The Deutsche Bank Art Collection
  • Barjeel Art Collection, Sharjah, UAE 
  • Staatliche Museum, Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin ,Germany